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tv   Fox 46 News  FOX  March 9, 2016 1:00am-2:00am EST

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>> there's no way you can use force against the citizen. >> cmpd chief curt at may response to one of his officers allegedly punching a suspect several times. david sentendrey is given use of force training by officers. >> is going to bring the conservative values that we need back to this country and back to this day. gop candidate ted cruz makes eight stop in kannapolis. the full fault highlights from his rally and talk about his chances here in north carolina. cmpd is investigating for separate shootings in the charlotte area tonight. all happening within hours of each other. what we know at how many people were shot. good evening and thank you for joining us for "fox 46 news" brea dam bill melugin. bill melugin. first on fox tonight there'll be no charges against the cmpd officer who was videotaped punching a suspect several times during an arrest last week.
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said after reviewing the officer's body camera footage the body strikes me some a video wraps would justify. david sentendrey is joining us live the cmpd headquarters with the latest on the investigation. hi david. >> like you said cmpd said no charges are coming against the officer. body camera footage was reviewed paper and i love reviewed paper and i love to see that the body camera footage apparently shows the officer in question was just doing his job. this video shows a cmpd officer repeatedly striking at 26-year-old suspect. police say the man pled a hit-and-run scene on independence boulevard last monday police. this is where the scene ended and police have been investigating whether or not this use of force was excessive. >> we reviewed everything in --
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over this video. some calling it a race issue. a group of white officer surrounding that we now know is an african-american suspect malcolm glenn elliott the second. this less than a year after protesters flooded the streets of charlotte following a mistrial of former cmpd officer randall kerik to gun down an unarmed african-american man. the cheapo police says he knew this video would not sit well with the public. >> there is no way we can use force against the citizens. so the department invited us to his police academy for a lesson and in the video a demonstrator license down hands crossed resisting arrest. i volunteered to try and break her arms free to handcuff her and i failed. please say many times they do too.
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pressure point maneuvers but when that doesn't work again this video they are taught to strike their hands. police say the suspect lying face down on the ads to the scary situation. >> around the corner i'll know what's going on around the waist area. >> classic many were upset with this use of force. >> a lot of things down from bruce petallides and african-americans being killed by police over the country. >> when certain segments of the community see officer striking a person is a problem. as problematic. >> so far in this video he said the officers just doing the job. >> when there's a criminal suspect that cops have to go get them. >> earlier i went to the home of a suspect the one on the receiving end of those punches.
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said they had no comment. they forwarded us to our attorney and their attorney is and their attorneys might call the specter raised reporting live in uptown david sentendrey fox 46 wjzy. bill cmpd said the body camera footage will not be made public. those videos will only be released when officers charged with a crime. new at 10:00 it's certainly been a very violent night in charlotte as five people have been injured in four separate shootings this evening. the most recent one happened on dearington driver one person is being treated for potentially life-threatening injuries. cmpd said one person is in custody after shooting on brookshire boulevard at a show gas station but one person was taken to cmc with non-life-threatening injuries and another shooting happened on mcginn grove were a victim was hurt by shattered glass. on top of all of this to other people were shot in the 6200 block of the plaza.
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believe any of the shootings are related. developing tonight an amber alert for missing 15-year-old girl pictured right here. police say dixie mae bailey was last seen in brevard north carolina which is just outside of asheville. bailey is 5 feet 4 inches with blue hair -- blue eyes and brown hair excuse me. her hair is police to have -- please have orange trees. she was last seen wearing a peach pullover and cowboy boots. call 911 immediately if you have seen her. if you are like me and you been waiting for spring to get here this is the perfect week for you. looking like we are going to be in the mid-70s for most of the week. for more ascended to chief meteorologist brian basham. >> i want to mention we are still in winter and their seasonal average for this time of year is 61. while we have had a long streak of seven week or degree tempters
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if somewhere down the road things change it we see temperatures drop to cooler. nonetheless we will enjoy the warm weather while we have it. they certainly are now. 61 degrees outside. winds have slowed a touch in the south southwest as 6 miles an hour and we do want to take a look at your headlines over the next several days. we will stay steady for a bit. now i want to mention the rest of the workweek will be dry. that's essentially through friday so another few days. however as we get into the weekend it will be on prelate time one more time and we have got pretty significant, pretty good chances of rain moving through this weekend. we'll talk or about that coming up later on in the show and we will show you just how toasty it will get. bill thank you. this could be a defining night for the presence of candidates. donald trump has won the republican primary in michigan and mississippi and hillary
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primary in mississippi. ballots are so being counted in idaho. ted cruz has printed delegates to marco rubio 151. clinton stays ahead with a 196 delegate lead over bernie sanders though at last check tonight sanders has a slim lead over clinton in the state of michigan. gop present a candidate ted cruz took center stage in kannapolis. as that's where he spoke to a church filled wall-to-wall with voters. our own emily collins was there. she is live in the studio to know let us know what he and his supporters had to say. >> him archer today will be north carolina's chance. there was a statement they buy donald trump is a packed house at central baptist church in kannapolis this evening with hundreds lining up hours before the rally to hear the gop
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cruz spent an hour touching on several of his campaign points but those who struck a chord were to repeal every word of obamacare as well as religious liberty and the 2nd amendment all of which many told us brought them to the event. >> i'm a christian and i think we need someone who is a religious person to be in the presence office because that's what this country was founded upon and i think it behooves us to have a leader was christian rinse both. >> i think ted will bring the conservative values we need in this country. >> i came here to share my support. >> cruz several attempts to reach out to those still undecided and he did so both on and off stage. >> there are a lot of people who like marco rubio and he liked john kasich and they are both good honorable men who i respected either one of them
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nomination. none neither one of them can get 1237 delegates. >> cruz said neither one of them can be donald trump. a poll shows cruz and trump running neck-and-neck and cruz is beating jump in florida which is where he has had a rally at 10:00 tomorrow morning for a cruise to victory rally in miami. bill: early voting has started in north carolina. our primary election is set for march 15. on the democratic side i'll presidential candidate hillary clinton will be making a stop in north carolina on thursday. no word on exactly where she's going to be campaigning that officials say clinton will be encouraging supporters to participate in early voting. former president bill clinton stopped by the queen city yesterday when he headlined at early voting rally. early voting in north carolina will end on saturday. a group of north carolina state senators have assembled to work
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to block or good charlotte's nondiscrimination ordinance passed by the city council two weeks ago and would allow transgender people to use the bathroom of the gender they associate with. senate leader bill berger announced 11 senators are working to block the part of the ordinance as well as attend the governor dan for his third house speaker tim morris said there's enough support in his chamber to overturn the provision that ordinance which is set to take effect on april 1. there are more charges being brought against two people are 5-year-old girl. rock hill police say on saturday the girl was found unresponsive and was taken to hospital where she was pronounced dead. 30-year-old philip gleason was charged with homicide or child abuse abuse. he is now facing additional charges of unlawful conduct towards a child. the girl's mom pictured on the right a pro gleason is charged with aiding and abetting homicide by child abuse.
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away. troutman is charge in the murder of a woman and her unborn child. cmpd says 26 rolled -- officers found her suffering from a gunshot wound. the medical examiner didn't know she was pregnant before he examined her after her death. meanwhile brown is being held in jail. in another tragic story we have learned a mother died in a car crash in county. she was killed when her minivan was hit by a pickup truck allegedly driven by david boyd. officers say boyd was headed west on highway 150 when he slammed head-on into helms who was driving her to children the minivan. boyd in both tumor taken to the hospital and as a result of this boyd is charged with death by motor vehicle. a good samaritan struck and killed while trying to help a stranded driver will be. this coming saturday.
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to rest in southern pines and his memorial service will be in pinehurst. mckeon pulled over on my 45 early sunday morning to help other teenager who had a flat tire. as when he was getting killed by another driver. we are told he was wearing dark clothing on an unlit portion of the road. as it stands now there are appears there will be no charges against the driver and alcohol is not to believe to have been a factor. the call bookend to man is been indicted for the murder of two mcdonald's employees. police say 22-year-old eric yount shot and killed richelle lail and cody watts and mcdonald's and agree. young was indicted on two counts of murder discharging a vehicle vehicle. last week police say young shot and killed the whale. he then began shooting at watts truck hitting him several times watts would later die in a hospital. mcdonald's.
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restaurants in caldwell and burke counties are hosting a fund-raiser to help raise money for their families. coming up water that was once believed contaminated now declared safe to drink.
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being ab bill: we have important new information for you tonight the north carolina department of health and human services is now saying belmont resident can drink their water pit might you might remember when your go the department said do not drink notification homeowners but today the department announced they are rescinding the gnosis. sam smith is joining us with more. >> the director said they wanted to be cautious in the beginning but after researching the quality of the water they obtained a stay. angela moved into her belmont
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the neighborhood next to dirk energies allen station. >> we found out a month after he moved and they sent out they do not drink warning to the neighborhood. >> she said it was a scary piece of news since she was worried about the value of her house dropping and she wasn't alone. with the department of health and human services rescinded but do not drink to this there is a sense of relief among neighbors. >> the concern was that the wells are being impacted by duke energy's coal ash basins containing chromium which is recognized as a carcinogen and and -- were found water pit state health department learned the levels of those elements here are similar to other in the states and are at a safe level. duke energy has been delivering bottled water to anyone concerned about their drinking water. >> we brought pallets of bottled water out every few weeks to make sure they had peace of mind
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on this issue and while the stay state was researching a paper never believed her ash basins were impacting the water quality but we wanted them to have peace of mind. duke said they won't make any water delivery changes without talking with homeowners. those homeowners admit they are still skeptical over their water being safe to drink. >> they gave us a do not drink warning in the mexico back. >> until the people who received a do not drink notice will get a new notice this week. they said when they get information they will make necessary changes. bill: samp a few. it's a public hearing on march 27 to talk about the future it allen steen station. neighbors want its closure to be her death. the meeting will be held at gaston college. the governor is asking for public input on the statute he wants to bring to the state state capitol that would honor african-americans. several members from the office in raleigh came to the harvey b.
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there has been a ban additional capital but authorities trying to have them lifted so the statute can be built. a public hearing in charlotte is one of four throughout north carolina during march. the exact location and is assigned materials are in consideration during these hearings. one of the side effects of this warmer spring like weather we have been having is unfortunately within the next few days were all going to be losing in our sleep because because of daylight savings time. here's chief meteorologist brian basham. you were saying this has something to do with world war i are two. >> in an effort to conserve energy the energy resource staff did the daylight savings time so folks who were sleeping when it was dark and awake when it was light outside so they didn't have to use extra heat heated oil to light their homes. that's why we have daylight
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i find it a complete nuisance in this day and age but it's happening regardless on sunday. your 2:00 a.m. becomes 3:00 a.m. essentially your phone will fix fix it for you if you don't have one of those funds set your those funds that two or three could have been the means you will have an hour less of sleep. you may want to go to bed an hour earlier on sunday. let's talk about what's happening across the rest the area over the next few days. a nice warm-up and temperatures today. tonight than we were at the same time last night in the overnight hours. we will continue to see more anywhere from one to 12-degree warmer than at the same time yesterday so numbers hardly in the 60s and upper 50's. a little cooler in boone and jefferson mid 60's that they will take it. it's very comfortable outside still tonight and i won't be
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opportunity for morning fog area. we are going to seal the next couple of days of the push of moisture from the south. not enough to warrant rain chances but nonetheless we could see at least a fog warning in the next few days. rain chances remained very slight over the next several days. winds blowing out of the south southwest of 5 miles an hour. we need those wins at 5 miles an hour are less. we won't see that the fog developed. let's check out the next three days, temperatures 77 wednesday 78 on thursday and 76 on friday. bill: sounds good brain. change your clocks and change of batteries at the same time with daylight savings time approaching. officials are reminding folks out there to change the batteries in their smoke alarms. charlotte firefighters the red
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helped install smoke alarms and they emphasize the importance of having a working smoke alarm. >> over the past several years we know there is a need for smoke alarms and homes. that's what all of these volunteers are here today to do to provide that forducation and make that family plan. replace batteries that there is a need. bill: as brian mentioned earlier daylight savings time will kick off at 2:00 a.m. on sunday. a popular row of businesses on the fringe of the campus of cpcc are told to camp up -- backpack up and go. where they are headed and why they are asked to go. that reality is not really owning it's certainly getting home for these folks after
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build on what bill: a former high school teacher is the guilty to to having sexual relations with a student. the gaston -- reports tica helton was given two years probation agreed to give up a north carolina teaching teaching license but a former south pointe high school teacher engaged in a sex act with a high school senior in a car last year. there is yet another shift in the union county school system tonight. deputy superintendent mike webb is stepping down effective july 1. webb announced his retirement at a school board meeting. webb was involved with a -- there were some concerns about a potential conflict of interest. last week alice announced he would be retiring on june 1. officials say an electrical
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what sparked the fire at the north business center warehouse. firefighters were called to the scene on north try on. thankfully nobody was hurt. the damage from the fire investigated to be around $30,000. a popular rural restaurant on the fringes cpcc is being forced outtafter deal has been made between the community college and the building's owner. cpcc converts they want to use the space for future development of their central campus and bought the building for $5.9 milllln produces on the corner of elizabeth and charlottetown avenue and houses a number of restaurants the student and faculty frequent. business owners tell us they were given a little more than a month's notice to pack up and get out. the business owners have hired
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louboutin relocate and but right now they will have to be out i march 31. homeowners have paid top dollar to have a scenic you just lost her six month battle to develop. the folks at the next or they will be looking out out on a row of new houses instead of a golf course. monday night in north -- york county councilmember said yes to rezoning the 27 acres of it of course which will allow maritime trump's to be built on 60 new houses. >> we look at now and see the fairway and ponsa now be looking at the back of a two-story house. homeowners say they are looking at losing anywhere from 50 to 100 thousand dollars in property value with the new development after they move the golf course. we have reached over, but have not heard back heard back to michigan and mississippi are counting the ballots. we will let you know who is shaping up to be the winners and the losers. in today's presidential
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then they signed up for the national guard to protect the country but this week they ended up protecting a girl who was under attack. >> if you're traveling on the next few days and seeing the eastern half of the country you're in good shape. if you want cold weather you'll go west and if you want rain stick around here for the weekend that your forecast,
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bill: welcome to appear for a runner for a runner donald trump and hillary clinton are adding more state victories and delegates tonight. steve rappaport explains ballots are still being filed and counted in the state of idaho and hawaii. >> republican donald trump adding mississippi and michigan to his list of victories. >> the polls are showing me beating her easily. hillary clinton wins mississippi but mississippi is too close to call. both parties voting in michigan and mississippi press republican of idaho and hawaii. the biggest type michigan with 59 republican delegates at stake as well as 130 democratic delegates. the gop race trump is they were coming into all of tuesday's
1:32 am
delegate lead. ted cruz is in second place. >> we are closing the gap in state after state after state. we know that just a few minutes ago a new "wall street journal" poll came out that had us in a statistical tie for first place nationwide with donald trump. meantime kasich the governor of neighboring ohio show strength in michigan coming into tuesday. sonenclar going to turn this whole thing around because we have what it takes. >> is fighting for when in ohio while marco rubio is hoping for when his home state of florida next tuesday in the democratic race hillary clinton with the delegate lead suggesting the democratic primaries battle could end. bernie sanders insists the campaign remains alive. >> they may have all of the
1:33 am
we have the people. >> steve rappaport "fox news." bill: up little experts as texas senator ted cruz does not have to win north carolina to still make an impact where it matters. he could be the wildcard in the tar heel state specifically because north carolina's primary is not what's known as winner-take-all. the state allocated delegates proportionally which means each candidate basically gets his share of the vote and that could certainly help cruz when it comes to the number of delegates he gets at the republican national convention. >> the delegates to the convention are what he needs to prevent trump from getting majority and to allow an avenue to win the nomination. >> north carolina moved its presidential primary up rome made to mid-march to be a player in picking the nominee but with
1:34 am
primaries on the same date we might not be getting as much attention as party leaders had hoped for. a the charlotte-mecklenburg police department says nothing illegal happened when one other officers was was caught on video punching a suspect seven times during an arrest last week. this 102nd video is taken by teenager who later posted it to social media. shows an officer striking the suspect who fled from a hit-and-run seemed and continue to run from police. today the police chief said footage from the officer's body camera given much better view of what was happening. the department is looking into an ape policies amendment violate that once again nothing illegal happened and it's obviously a pretty intense video. take a look at it. >> there is no way we can use force. >> this is the suspect charged with hit-and-run arrested in the video.
1:35 am
police say they will not be released in the body footage because its policy. they only do so if charges come up against the officer. local members of the national guard came to the risk after they a young girl screaming for help. turns out she was being sexually assaulted in broad daylight. happening kings mountain on sunday at the intersection of gold street and pfeiffer road near national guard facility the soldiers say they heard screams and one out sight to see what happened. as for me when this 19 world kyle matthew moore assaulting an underaged girl. sergeant terry neal went outside and couldn't believe what he was seeing. >> she screamed for probably two or three times. bill: moore was arrested after guardmembers to taint him until police arrived. he's charged with secondary sexual offenses actually battery he is being held on
1:36 am
police say the investigation is still ongoing and additional charges are still possible. if spring weeks away all those gorgeous charlotte russe are going to start turning green again and things will start blooming but if you are like me and you have trouble with allergies is not going to be fun for you. users chief meteorologist brian basham. you were mentioning you have pretty bad allergies too. >> again we have even added in much rain so temperatures warm and we add in rain. could be issues for those who struggle with allergies this weekend. the primary issues juniper almond ash will be an issue over the next four days. really almost tied for the remainder of this week so keep that in mind. if you have allergies you might want to keep things handy so you can deal with that as the pops up and as i mentioned we are going to see chances of rain
1:37 am
we stayed dry tonight and on friday a 10% chance for rain on friday. improves as we get into friday night early saturday morning but saturday and sunday solid chances for rain. right now looks like a 50 cent chance or both of those days and 30% chance on monday. here's what's going on is going on is a look at our futurecast. high pressure down to the south kicking in the winds from south as well that can bring more moist air. we don't have any trigger features with rain over the next few days but we are tracking a frontal boundary pushing in from the west as we get into friday. it will come in as a cold front from the north and west and rain chances not strong on friday. they should pastor without much low pressure system south and to the west of us push across across as i warm for nicole from
1:38 am
a one-two punch. sunday potential thunderstorms as a cold front pushes through. tonight 30s 40s and 50's for overnight lows fairly mild tomorrow warmer still buy a couple more degrees. charlie comes in at 77 wadesboro and altamonte pummels hitting 50 and the extended forecast upper 70s next few days. we will cool off heading into saturday. they will take us to 70 degrees and 75 sunday through tuesday mobbing of rain chances over the weekend and into monday tuesday will dry up. bill: 70s across-the-board. a bizarre break-in in lincoln county. take a look at this photo. a man wearing a -- he broke into the food country convenience store monday morning or the suspect was able to get away with some cash. we haven't been told exactly how much.
1:39 am
pretty rustic called the sheriff's office are crimestoppers begin help them solve this case. more than 50 dogs rescued from a home in south carolina. officials say they were living in harsh and unhealthy conditions. the abbot to county sheriff's say they are dealing with a case of serious hoarding. they were confined to small cages and in some cases sharing a cage with other dogs. none of the dogs had vaccines or rabies records. deputies say charges will be filed against the property owner bramhall cruelty. animal rescue groups have been called in to try to help out those dogs. they'll deny for the ringleader in the gold r.-north carolina. 46 are old alberto perez is responsible for taking $4.8 million worth of old bars from a truck along i-95. he will be kept behind bars until his trial heard off or said perez into a demented as of a demented dissected a shipment containing just under three pounds of gold bars on his way from miami to massachusetts.
1:40 am
in the case. south carolina officials identifying one of the two people who were shot to death and burned when they demanded and unpaid here. the coroner says 46 euros at the mud to bar was a taxi driver from north charleston. officials will have to use dna testing to identify the second victim. james loftus is charged in her murder. police say lofton confessed to shooting the two men burning their bodies and bury them in a shallow grave saturday after refusing to pay the cab refusing to pay the cab fare. for the killed six people in a boarding house in atlanta does not appear to be suspicious. authorities are looking at every possible cause. for men and two women were killed in yesterday's flames flames though none of them identified. the medical examiners do not have to use of the victims. rescue officials say it was one of the worst scenes they have ever responded to. he will be getting some cash back if you are affected by home
1:41 am
the retailer has agreed to pay $30 million in settlement prepayment cards and personal data were stolen from millions of people in the data breach. home depot agreed to pay 6.5 million dollars to fund services for cardholders and take steps to and click data security. the $13 million was documented out-of-pocket losses for unreimbursed charges. you may want to think twice about getting a breakfast muffin at starbucks. the company that makes the sausage egg and cheese english muffins sold to the coffee chain is recalling them for potential wisteria contamination. starbucks or move to sandwiches from stores that potentially receive them. so far nobody has reported getting sick after eating that one of the sandwiches. cutting ties with the tennis superstar several big-time sponsors are distancing themselves from reassure pollitt. this is after she acknowledged
1:42 am
the result is -- have distanced themselves from a grand slam winner. sharapova said she took the drug prescribed by doctor. they showed was not on the list until the rules change every first pitch he said she has a magnesium deficiency in a family history of diabetes. the drug is long been used by athletes to boost endurance and helps out with recovery time. time to send it over to anthony
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good news for the panthers. stanek panther fans some of the worry about charles and if uniform please return to the panthers less than a week after they released him. johnson is expected to re-sign with the panthers according to report from espn. the deal is said to be worth $3 million for one season. johnson reported he turned down offers from other teams worth up to $6 million to return to the panthers. the 29-year-old johnson was released march 3 after 90s seemed -- seasons with the panthers. ranked second and panthers history. the panthers are going to
1:45 am
contract according to the agency sports trust advisers. webb is the third string quarterback. webb also play special teams and as receiver. nc state gets a big-time performance for one of their freshman as the wolfpack at the acc tournament to the wolfpack taking on wake forest. the second half state down to in maverick catches fire from behind the arc. not one, not two but a trifecta. their freshman hit a six careers three, six pointers. nc state goes on to beat wake forest 75-72 so the wolfpack advances to the second round and they will face duke. >> i'm proud of our team because i think you was a gutsy win. it wasn't a pretty game necessarily but both teams
1:46 am
our guys hung in there and we overcame some mistakes. we overcame some errors and we kept playing hard. >> going to states with a talented basketball team. >> state of kansas to take on duke tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.. the game can be seen on our sister station my 12 tv. the blue devils regular-season series against stay. the charlotte 49'ers are in birmingham alabama during upper conference usa tournament. we have got the video. the 49'ers will take on -- today guard john davis and adrian white fir named the conference usa all freshman team. the 49'ers are the seven seat and rice is this tenth seed. >> they know us and we know them. it's about coming out and doing
1:47 am
successful. it's always a challenge to beat a team to times in the season but that's the situation we are in. we have to bring our a game. >> the 49'ers will take on rise tomorrow at 9:00 p.m.. leading scorer is being honored. jack gibbs has been named first-team all-conference. davis and guard averaged 25 points a game and scored 30 points, 10 times this season. davidson will begin tournament play thursday at 9:00 p.m. against the winner of the game. that beautiful night for baseball. the 49'ers taking on the georgia bulldogs with the niners leading 2-1 with two on and two outs. michael curry with the aluminum crash gets a three-run shot to the bulldogs take a 4-2 lead.
1:48 am
scored. charlotte rallied to beat georgia 10-5 in the bulldogs and 49'ers will wrap up their series we i drive a golf ball. i drive to the hoop. i drive a racecar. i have a driver. his name is carl. but that's not what we all have in common. we talked to our doctors about treatment with xarelto . xarelto is proven to treat and help reduce the risk of dvt and pe blood clots. xarelto is also proven to reduce the risk of stroke in people with afib, not caused by a heart valve problem. for people with afib currently well managed on warfarin,
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treatment with xarelto was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto . >> "american idol"'s first primary makes history while the lead singer could be on hiatus.
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hollywood nation. >> brain takes a break schuman has a date and clarkson set the record in the hollywood nation. kelly clarkson's emotional performance on "american idol" last month landed her on top of the charts and in the history books. the song piece by piece is number one on the digital songs and pop digital songs chart this week making clarkson the first "idol" contestant to have 100 number one on various billboard charts. amy schumer has written a release date for upcoming book to the girl with a lower back tattoo is set to hit bookstores on august 16. glen dye is the latest are to join the model universe. according to the 19-year-old disney star is set
1:52 am
michelle in the upcoming spiderman reboot. it's unclear if the world will be a romantic interest for parker. and ac/dc has -- the rest of their u.s. tour after doctors told lead singer brian johnson to stop touring immediately or risk total hearing loss. the band said in the statement that 10 canceled shows will be rescheduled later this year likely with a guestbook with. in hollywood jonathan hunt "fox news." bill: a reporter at our sister station in san francisco and photographer had to jump to safety to avoid a car heading straight into their live shot. look at that right here. there's a crash and boom the car comes crashing right into the tripod. thankfully they were both okay. police say they believe the woman driving a white car might have hit the gas instead of the
1:53 am
veer off onto the sidewalk toward the newsgroup once again thankfully both of those guys are doing all right. several women's rights groups gathered at the white house for an international women's day. the event calls for complete hault to violence and discrimination against women and girls. first lady michelle obama reminded the audience the struggles many women face in countries around the world are particularly in the pursuit of education. >> girls in every corner of the globe facing grave danger simply because they were full and equal human beings, that's what they decided, worthy of developing their potential. international women's day has been held every single year since 1913 and has been recognized by the united nations since 1975. about 1000 people gathered at south carolina church today to say goodbye to beloved author pat conroy. a best-selling writer died
1:54 am
today's service started with the hymn the water is wider reference to -- there was a large crowd from citadel his alma mater including several members of congress class of 1967. a private burial was held on a remote island (vo) want to be happy with your next vehicle purchase? at enterprise, we guarantee it. head to your neighborhood enterprise car sales and let the people who buy more vehicles than anyone...
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bill: bill: this baseball game is literally buzzing before begins.
1:57 am
and fans scurrying. the bees were moved and a plastic -- they were removed in a plastic trash bag at the top of the third inning and retired beekeeper was in the stands and helped gather the bees. you went to asu and i wanted an escape. did you see any bees like that? >> that is terrifying. there was a beekeeper on hand. how would you like to be the guy called in to handle that? >> that? >> i don't think it was a beekeeper. >> guys i'm not going to forecast any bees but i'm not saying there won't be neither. it will be warm outside. will start out 57 and get into the 70s during the afternoon hours and a p.m. that night and
1:58 am
around all seven days but we see rain chances over the weekend looking pretty good saturday and sunday. >> anthony you had a direct
1:59 am
>> what is it going to rain? >> announcer: the following is a paid advertisement for the shark rocket deluxepro from shark/ninja. >> [ british accent ] this is me new dyson v6 cordless vacuum. >> and this is shark's next-generation rocket ultralight upright -- the shark rocket deluxepro. >> ooh! next-generation. fancy that. i suppose you're gonna tell me shark made the rocket even better. >> boy, did they! this rocket has improved hard-floor cleaning, a removable dust cup for easy emptying, and with two times the dirt capacity, plus l.e.d. headlights on the floor and on the hand vac so you can see anywhere dirt hides. >> is that all? >> no. it deep-cleans carpets better than that dyson v6 cordless. it never runs out of power, and it costs a lot less than that dyson. okay, so, want to tell me about your v6 cordless?
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>> [ sighs ] me too. >> announcer: for years, you've struggled with vacuums that were just too heavy and far too clumsy to clean your entire home. >> it was so big, and it was hard to get around corners. >> when you try and lug that thing up the stairs, it's heavy. >> it's difficult and big. it's bulky, and it's heavy. [ chuckles ] >> announcer: but two years ago, shark created the world's first no-loss-of-suction, ultralight upright, with incredible deep-carpet cleaning power that rivaled many full-size uprights. now get ready to be blown away, because shark has done it again. introducing the shark rocket deluxepro, the absolute best-cleaning, no-loss-of-suction, corded upright that never loses power, and only weighs about 9 pounds. with an incredibly ergonomic design, the shark rocket deluxepro delivers an ultralight vacuum that goes anywhere, is easy to maneuver, and gives you incredible


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